Running Telnet and Traceroute on MAC OS

How to run Telnet on MAC OS
  1. Go to the Applications folder.
  2. Navigate to the Utilities folder.
  3. Click on Terminal.
  4. At the command prompt enter:
  5. Telnet [] [port number]
How to run a Traceroute on MAC OS
  1. Launch Network Utility.
  2. Click Traceroute.
  3. Type the domain name you want the Traceroute performed on.
  4. Click Trace.

How to capture Telnet and Traceroute results on MAC OS
  1. Go to Edit/Select All.  After everything is Highlighted go back to the menu bar Edit/Copy.
  2. Go to Applications folder.
  3. Navigate to TextEdit application.
  4. Once TextEdit is open to to the TextEdit menu bar. 
  5. Click on Edit/Paste.
  6. Save the text file.
Note:  The value domain name can be any domain name.  As an example where is the domain to your account.  [port number] is the port number you will be testing such as port 25 for SMTP or port 1433 for MS SQL.