How to query a SQL database with .NET SQL Data Provider in ASP.NET

<%@ import namespace="" %>
<Script runat="server">
Sub page_load            
        Dim dbconn as sqlconnection            
        Dim dbCMD as sqlCommand            
        Dim dtr as sqldatareader            
        dbConn = New SQLConnection ("Data Source=DBSERVERNAME;Initial Catalog=YOURDBNAME;User ID=YOURUSERID;Password=YOURPASSWORD")                       
        dbCMD = new sqlcommand ("select * from tblTest",dbconn)            
        dtr = dbCMD.executereader()            
                response.write ("<li>")                        
                response.write (dtr(0) & "---" & dtr(1))            
        End while            
End Sub
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