How to configure CuteFTP to access your web site

  1. Start CuteFTP
  2. You should see the "Connection Wizard" dialog box, click "Cancel."
  3. Click File > Connect/Connect to bring up the Site Properties connection window (or press "Ctrl" + "T").
  4. Enter a name to identify your account in the label for site box.
  5. Enter in the FTP Host Address box. You can either enter your FTP address (, or the alternative/secondary FTP address (for an Everleap account use: Your FTP information can be found in the Account Information/Site Overview Section of Control Panel.
  6. Enter your 'FTP username' in the Site Properties "User Name" box.
  7. Enter your password in the "Password" box.
  8. Set "Login method" to: normal.
  9. Click "Connect."