Why you cannot create an email account that forwards to an AOL address

We do not support email forwarding to @aol.com email addresses. AOL servers assume that spam that is forwarded to them originated from the forwarder.

What that means is:
  1. You set up the forwarding address [email protected] with us
  2. [email protected] forwards to [email protected]
  3. Someone sends spam to [email protected]
  4. That spam is forwarded to AOL
  5. AOL receives the forwarded spam and their server assumes the spam came from our Mail Server.
  6. AOL blocks our servers
That's a simplified explanation, but that's essentially what happens. AOL considers the forwarder to be the spammer and that gets our servers blocked.

We're sorry if the no forwarding to @aol.com email addresses policy causes you any inconvenience, but so far we have been unable to arrive at a workable solution with AOL.This sort of policy is becoming common practice for an increasing number of hosts.