Upgrade Path Information for .NET Developers on Everleap

At Everleap, we offer multiple hosting plans with various upgrade options.  If you need help choosing the right plan for your hosting needs. Please feel free to contact us


Base Shared Cloud Hosting Plans
On our Shared Cloud Hosting platform we offer two plans: Single Site plan and Multi-Site plan
Our Shared Cloud plan comparison page shows the key differences between the two plans.

Hosting more than 1 Site
As the plan name implies, if you will host more than one domain name with different sites/applications, then we would recommend using the Multi-Site plan. The base Multi-site plan supports up to 5 separate sites, each hosted in their own isolated application pool. All sites are managed within your Control Panel. 

Hosting More Than 5 Sites
If you will host more than 5 sites on the Multi-site plan, we have a 5-site add-on, which will allow you to add additional sites in sets of 5, each in their own isolated application pool. All sites are managed within your Control Panel.

Need More Server Resources
If you need more storage, database storage, email storage, bandwidth, or memory, we offer the Power Pack add-on for both the Single Site and Multi-site plan.

Scale Horizontally - Add More Web Servers
By default, because of the unique load-balanced architecture, your site can be served by one web server or two web servers simultaneously. If you want to scale your site across more than two web servers, you can scale horizontally by adding additional web servers for $5 per month for each additional web server. The hosting system is completely automated so there is no site migration necessary to add additional servers.

Reserved Servers - Private Servers
If your site requires more memory or more CPU, you can upgrade to our Reserved Server. Upgrading to a Reserved Server will move your site to its own private server that is not shared with any other customer. There is no site migration necessary, and downtime is minimal as the process is provisioned instantly. Reserved Servers come in three sizes - small (1 CPU, 1 GB RAM), medium (2 CPU, 2 GB RAM), and large (4 CPU, 4 GB RAM) and is treated as an add-on, on top of your Base Shared Cloud Hosting plan.

30 Day Free Trial - Shared Cloud Hosting
If you are unsure how your application will perform on our services, you can try our our Shared Cloud Hosting service for free for 30 days. This will enable you to test our service thoroughly. You can even test out the Reserved Servers during the free trial.

After the trial period ends, your site account will renew at the billing cycle that you had initially chosen at the time of sign-up and we will charge your credit card on file. (Please note that the 30-day policy does not apply to our Managed Hosting Service.)


If you have a mission-critical site, need more resources, have special requirements that cannot be supported on a Shared Hosting service, or desire a more secure hosting solution that is not shared with any other customer, we offer fully customized Managed Hosting solutions and we charge a predictable flat monthly rate.

We offer free consulting and free site migration services. Not only will we design and setup the hosting system, we will handle all the ongoing server maintenance (Windows updates, security patches...etc.). The service includes free 24/7 technical support as well as 2 hours per month of System Admin / DBA as-a-service. The solution also includes off-site cloud backups of your site and databases. We also offer Advanced Monitoring services to monitor the server, application and databases.

Our Managed Hosting solution is a cost-effective alternative to Public Clouds like Microsoft Azure or Amazon AWS.

If you are interested in Everleap Managed Hosting Services, book an appointment with a Managed Hosting Expert here.