Email Client Settings

Location and overview of mail client settings can be found below.  The server settings being the same regardless of what mail client or device is being set up.  Note that port settings may need to be adjusted depending on local network or ISP restrictions.

Mail server

The mail server for a site can be found at Everleap Control Panel > Sites > Manage (if multi-site) > Email > in the "Email Info" pane as in the image below

Replacing "xx" with the mail server for the site, the connection settings are

incoming mail server:
outgoing mail server:
username:  full email address (example: [email protected])
password:  email account password

And SMTP authentication will need to be enabled in the client to send mail.

General Port Information

The port used depends on encryption settings and possible local network restrictions.  Note that depending on the mail client there may be separate options for "STARTTLS" and "SSL / TLS".  Information can be found on the difference between "STARTTLS" and "TLS", but generally the "STARTTLS" setting should be tested first before "SSL / TLS".  Both "STARTTLS" and "TLS" using the same TLS ports below.  TLS also being the newer encryption protocol, so it is best to try it before SSL.  Though SSL can be used in cases of older clients / devices that do not support TLS 1.2 or have port restrictions.

Available Ports

POP TLS:  110
POP SSL:  995
POP (unencrypted): 110

IMAP TLS:  143
IMAP SSL:  993
IMAP (unencrypted):  143

SMTP TLS:  25 or 587
SMTP SSL:  465
SMTP (unencrypted):  25 or 587