Getting Started with SiteLock VPN

After you have ordered the SiteLock VPN service, log into the Everleap Control Panel and go to Services > BUSINESS CYBERSECURITY > VPN Solutions to get started.  If you need more licenses, click on the Modify Licenses link, otherwise, click on the Management Portal link which will take you to the SiteLock Dashboard.

Click on Configure to start creating users.  You can create one user for each license that you purchase.  Enter the username and password and then click on the + button.  On your right under Summary of changes requested, it should say Add: and then the username.  Click on the Submit button to finalize/commit the changes.

To Download the VPN client, mouseover the icons next to Download: and select the appropriate client you want to install the app on.  You can also click on the Instructions button which will download a PDF file with instructions on how to setup the client for each system.  Once the client is installed, launch the program.

Enter your username and password to login.