Purchasing and installing a SSL certificate through Everleap

Note that renewing an SSL certificate is essentially the same as purchasing an SSL certificate for the first time.  But for renewal, a "Renew" link will be found on the SSL Certificates page 30 days before the SSL's Expiration date.  After validation, a new SSL certificate will be received via email that will be installed through the Everleap Control Panel, then the existing binding will be deleted and the new binding added for the domain.
Purchase a SSL certificate through Everleap
After logging into the Everleap Control Panel click Services1, SSL certificates2, then Check Out Options3.  In the case of renewal, click the "Renew" link for the applicable certificate.
On Step 1, choose the desired certificate via radial button1 then click Next2.
On Step 2, enter the CSR information:
Common Name:  The domain name being secured.  For example, www.everleap.com.  Or *.everleap.com if ordering a Wildcard certificate
Organization:  The legal name of your organization.
Organization Unit:  The department in the organization handling the SSL certificate.
City / State / Country:  City / State / Country where your organization is located.
On Step 3, the Approver Contact is used for domain validation.  Make sure to select a valid email address from the drop-down1 as it cannot be changed once the order has been submitted.  Then the Admin Email2 in the Admin Contact section is where the SSL certificate will be sent once the order has been validated and processed.
On Step 3, review the order information then Buy Certificate.
Approver email
After the order has been submitted, an email like the one below should be received shortly at the chosen approver email address from [email protected].  Use the link provided to validate and complete the order.
Install the SSL certificate
After approval, an email will be received with a PEM file attached.  A PEM file is a text file that can be opened with a text editor like notepad.   Save and open the PEM file then navigate back to the SSL Certificates section of the Everleap Control Panel and Manage1 the applicable Order.
On the SSL Certificate Order page copy and paste the first certificate from the PEM file into the field provided, similar to the screenshot below.  If the order was approved but the certificate has not been received, it can also be resent here.  Or open a ticket with the Support Department to have the certificate manually retrieved and installed.