Additional logins for private MS SQL

Additional logins for Private MS SQL are first created through the Everleap Control Panel then assigned to a database through SQL Server Management Studio.
Everleap Control Panel
Everleap Control Panel > Databases > Private MS SQL > Manage Login > Add Login > fill out fields and "Create Login"
SQL Server Management Studio
Once the login has been created through the Everleap Control Panel, connect to the database the login will be assigned to through SQL Server Management Studio.  Once connected:
  • expand Databases
  • expand the database itself
  • expand Security
  • right click on Users
  • select New User
  • leave the User type as "SQL user with login"
  • enter the new SQL login in both the User name and Login name field
  • click Membership
  • add role(s) to the user
  • click OK.
If unable or unfamiliar with connecting to the database through SSMS, add the new login through the Everleap Control Panel, then open a ticket with the Support Department and provide the database name and role(s) to assign to the user.