Getting started with Office 365

Order Process
From the Everleap Control Panel click the Services drop-down, select Office 365 then finally the Order Office 365 button.  On the next page select the plan and number of licenses via drop-down before entering the contact information.
After submitting the contact information a Microsoft domain will need to be created.  This is a unique domain specifically for the Office 365 account and is separate from a domain added to the Office 365 plan for email.  After the Check Domain Availability link is clicked, if the Microsoft domain is taken, as in the below "", a message will appear that the entered domain is unavailable.
After submitting a unique Microsoft domain, review and complete the Office 365 Order.
Completed Order
An email will be sent to the primary email contact with the Office 365 admin user and a temporary password, used to access the portal at  There will be a prompt on first log on to update the password.  If the password is lost at any time, it can be reset from the Everleap Control Panel.
Once logged into the Office 365 Portal, add a domain for email delivery, add users, and assign licenses for Office 365 access.