Adding Users on Office 365

To add a new Office 365 user account, first log into the Office 365 Portal ( with your admin user.
Navigate to the Admin center. (
Click Users > Active Users > Add a user
On the New user page enter a Display name and Username for the new Office 365 account.  The full username, including the domain, will be used to log into the Office 365 Portal.
From the Password section, choose to have a password auto-generated or manually enter your own password. And select whether or not the user will be required to change the password on first sign in.
Assign a Role to the user to determine access.
Choose which license to assign to the new user. The section will display the number available to assign out of the total purchased.
Click Add to finish the account creation and a confirmation will be displayed with the username and password. A checkbox is available to send the password in an email to up to five recipients. When sending to more than one recipient, recipients are separated by a semicolon.