Creating a CSR and installing a SSL Certificate not being purchased through Everleap

Note each time a new SSL is installed, including a renewal, the old certificate binding will need to be deleted and the new certificate binding added.
Generate a CSR for a SSL Certificate not being purchased through Everleap
To generate a CSR, log into the Everleap Control Panel and click the Servicesdrop-down, SSL Certificates2, then Create CSR3.
CSR fields
Common Name:  The domain name being secured.  For example, www.everleap.  Or * if ordering a Wildcard certificate
Organization:  The legal name of your organization.
Organization Unit:  The department in the organization handling the SSL certificate.
City / State / Country:  City / State / Country where your organization is located.
After filling out the fields, click the "Submit CSR Information" button and the SSL Manager will update with a field containing the CSR.
The CSR will then be available to copy and provide to the certificate authority where the SSL certificate is being purchased
Downloading the CSR or installing the SSL certificate
If the CSR was previously generated and needs to be obtained again at a later time, or the SSL certificate has been received and needs to be installed, after logging into the Everleap Control Panel click the Servicesdrop-down, SSL Certificates2, then Manage3 the applicable CSR.
Click Download CSR1 for a text file containing the CSR.  If the SSL web certificate has been received, copy and paste it into the empty Install Certificate field2, then click the Install Certificate button3 below.