SpamExperts FAQ

How accurate is SpamExperts in detecting spam?
They say they can prevent 99% of the spam addressed to your domain from reaching your inbox. Our testing proved it to be very effective without any changes to the default settings. Of course no spam detection is 100% accurate, but when spam does sneak through you can train SpamExperts by flagging messages as spam.
Will my email be delayed?
 The delay is negligible. In our testing most messages were received within seconds of sending. SpamExperts has multiple servers spread across the world, so geography doesn't really enter in to the picture. The service is fast.
Is there a control panel I can access?
 Yes. The domain administrator can set up control panel access for users, or users can set it up themselves. Instructions for control panel access are included in the email individual users receive from SpamExperts when the first spam message is trapped.
Will I need to adjust the settings?
 No you don't. Our testing was all done with the default SpamExperts settings and we found it to be tremendously effective. If you want to tinker and fine tune the thresholds, you have that ability. But if you never want to see a spam setting, you never have to.
How long are spam messages quarantined?
 For 28 days. You can retrieve messages at any time during that period through the SpamExperts control panel.
How do I remove a message from quarantine?
 See this SpamExperts knowledge base article for details on using the control panel to view quarantined messages.
What are the recipient blacklist and whitelist?
Whitelisting a recipient means that no email sent to that email address will be filtered by SpamExperts. Alternately, email sent to addresses listed on the recipient blacklist will be automatically rejected. Note that domain administrators have the ability to blacklist or whitelist recipients on the entire domain. Individual users can control recipient whitelisting for their email address only.
Which addresses are not filtered?
 abuse@ and postmaster@ are not subject to any filtering by default. We suggest keeping that setting as-is, but if you need to override it, you can.
Is there a log of all the email messages?
 Yes, there is an extensive log that shows all of the actions that SpamExperts takes. Note that there may be a short delay in the log updating, so if you're looking for the logs for a message that was sent minutes ago, you may have to give the log a little time to update before the information is available.
Do I have to pay for each individual email address that I want to protect?
 No, when you activate SpamExperts for your domain every email address on your domain can use the service. That makes it a tremendous value if you have a lot of email addresses or users on your domain.  
Inbox Archiving
What is archived?
All inbound email that goes through the SpamExperts filter is archived. Email that is routed internally within the DiscountASP.NET mail servers (e.g., email from one address on the domain to another address on the domain) will bypass SpamExperts and not be archived.  
How long will email be archived?
There is no time limitation for archiving, however there is a limit of 10 GB of storage space for your archived messages.  
How are the archived emails exported?
Archives are exported in EML format. You can export by date range, however you will not be able to export based on recipient address.
For further information, check out the SpamExperts knowledge base.