Getting started with SpamExperts

The SpamExperts service works by receiving all the email addressed to your domain, filtering it, then sending it on to the mail servers here at DiscountASP.NET. The service is distributed, with servers all over the world, so it's fast and reliable.
To get started with SpamExperts log in to Control Panel and click the "Spam Experts" tab, then click the "Order New Spam Experts" button.
Order process
  1. Choose the domain name that will use the SpamExperts service. The Domain Name drop down menu will list the domain names for your account, or you can choose to enter a domain name hosted elsewhere.
  2. The "Destination mail servers" page will query your existing DNS and display the destination mail server (where your email is sent after SpamExperts filtering). You can use the detected destination server or enter a different destination mail server.
  3. Click the "Submit My Order" button to complete the order.
After ordering
  • Confirm the route. During the order process we took the MX record settings from your existing DNS, so this is probably already done for you.
  • Update your DNS records. If your domain and email are hosted with us you can do this in Control Panel. If your DNS is hosted outside of DiscountASP.NET, update your MX records to: (priority 10) (priority 20) (priority 30)
Note that DNS can take a bit of time to propagate, so allow an hour or two for the SpamExperts filtering to begin.
What will happen when your email starts being filtered
The first time the system traps spam you will receive an email notification from that explains how to log in to the SpamExperts control panel.
You will then receive a daily report of all the spam trapped by the system. If no spam is detected, no daily report is sent. If you wish, you can disable the daily reports in the SpamExperts control panel. If you need to check on a message before you receive a daily report, you can do so in the SpamExperts control panel.
Accessing the SpamExperts dashboard
You can access your SpamExperts dashboard as the administrative user through the DiscountASP.NET Control Panel. Log in to Control Panel and click the "Spam Experts" tab. Click "Manage," then the "Spam Exports Portal" button.
You can view the trapped spam in the SpamExperts dashboard on the "Spam Quarantine" page.
Individual user reports are disabled by default.  Log into the SpamExperts dashboard as the administrative user to enable "Periodic User Reports."
SpamExperts dashboard documentation can be found here: