Elements of a CSR

Common Name: Enter the domain name that you wish to secure with HTTPS.
For example if you plan to secure only www.YourHostedDomainName.com you would enter www.YourHostedDomainName.com as the common name. If you plan to only secure YourHostedDomainName.com, then you would enter YourHostedDomainName.com. To secure unlimited subdomains your common name should use a wildcard symbol *.YourHostedDomainName.com.

Note: On the initial CSR generation, you can only enter one common name. Some SSL vendors can enter additional domain names during the SSL purchase process. Contact the SSL vendor for more information on purchasing multi domain SSL.

Organization / Name: The name of your company. 

Organization Unit: The name of the department ordering the SSL Certificate. Example: IT Department

City / Locality: The city or the location the company is located.

State / Province: The state or province the company is located.

Country: The country where the company is located.