How to Backup or Restore a MySQL database on using MySQL Workbench.

Backing up your MySQL Database:

Read our knowledgebase article on how to connect to your MySQL Database using MySQL Workbench.
  • Once connected to the MySQL database.
  • Click on Data Export under Management section.
  • Place a check next to your MySQL database in the Data Export section.
  • Select Export to Self-Contained File and select a path where you want to place your .sql file on your local computer.
  • Select what options you want to use in the All selected database objects will be exported into a single, self-contained file section. (Note: Dump Events isn't allowed in our environment.)
  • Then click on Start Export button.
  • Once completed the MySQL backup will be placed on your local computer in the path you selected previously. 
Restoring your MySQL Database:

Note: If restoring from a MySQL Database with a different name to the Everleap MySQL Database. You must open your .sql file with a text editor (Notepad) and change the MySQL Database name to the MySQL Database name you're using on Evereleap. Otherwise you will receive a permissions error.
  • Once connect to the MySQL Database.
  • Click on Data Import/Restore under Management section.
  • Select Import from Self-Contained File and select the path to your .sql stored locally on your computer.
  • Default Target Schema: Click on the drop down menu and select your MySQL Database name.
  • Click on Start Import button to restore the MySQL database.