How to connect to my MySQL database on using MySQL Workbench

First you will need to download MySQL Workbench and install it.
  • Log into your control panel.
  • Navigate to DATABASES at the top of your control panel and select MySQL.
  • Click on Manage next to your MySQL database.
  • Keep this Window open because you will need these settings to connect to the MySQL Database.
Open MySQL Workbench and click on "+" sign next to MySQL Connections
  • Setup New Connection window will open
  • Connection Name: Is the name you wish to use for your reference.
  • Hostname: Is the Database Server URL provided to you in our control panel. (Example:
  • Username: Is the Database User name for the MySQL database.
  • Click on Test Connection button.
  • Enter your MySQL database password in the Password field.
  • Place a check next to Save password in vault.
  • Now click on OK button on the Setup New Connection window.
  • Double click on your Connection Name window to connect to the MySQL database.