When increasing the number of Shared Cloud Servers, your site doesn't work properly

Load balancing a static web site over multiple servers is easy, but in order to load balance a dynamic site, you will have to do some planning and possibly some site or application reconfiguration.

Preparing a site to operate properly on multiple servers in a load balanced environment can be a complicated topic since there are an almost infinite number of ways a site or application can be written. So it's really beyond the scope of a Knowledge Base article like this one to provide any kind of one-size-fits-all instructions or tips.

Remember that when you load balance your site, a visitor interacting with your site might be reaching the site on multiple servers. If you need to maintain any kind of consistent user state you have to somehow adjust for the multi-server environment.

If you are running a third-party application you should contact the author or company and ask them how they recommend going about running the application in a load balanced environment.