How to send mail using CDO - SMTP authentication

set objMessage = createobject("cdo.message") 
set objConfig = createobject("cdo.configuration") 
Set Flds = objConfig.Fields 

Flds.Item("") = 2 
Flds.Item("") ="[Mail Server Name]" 

' ' Passing SMTP authentication 
Flds.Item ("") = 1 'basic (clear-text) authentication 
Flds.Item ("") ="[email protected]" 
Flds.Item ("") ="password" 

Set objMessage.Configuration = objConfig 
objMessage.To = "[email protected]" 
objMessage.From = "[email protected]" 
objMessage.Subject = "New Task" 
objMessage.HTMLBody = "This is a test sent from CDO using smtp authentication." 
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